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Note: Exhibitors will be chosen based on relevance to the final conference agenda.

There will be room for only 35 to 40 exhibitors at the conference. We will be choosing exhibitors based on relevance to our final agenda topics which will be determined by September 1, 2019. We encourage exhibitors from industry, private and non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individual entrepreneurs. Those who have registered before November 31, 2019 will be allowed early bird pricing as noted in the exhibitor information tab. Exhibitors registering after that time will pay full booth pricing, and those who have registered beyond the February 28, 2020 deadline will be accepted at last minute pricing only if space is still available.

Businesses wishing to display large equipment outside the conference hall need to register on the sponsor page at the minimum level of Humus or above. Please note on the sponsorship form that you are wanting to display large equipment and what that equipment is. Again, space is limited, so please register early. Selections for outside space will be determined by sponsor level and relevance to the conference theme.

We will begin notifying successful registrants starting on December 1, 2019. Booth payment and display details will be emailed to you.

    The generosity and support of our sponsors is much appreciated.

    Over 20 years ago, GO Seed defined our mission “to deliver novel solutions for growing concerns”. Utilizing our own breeding program, and that of our partners, we’ve made great progress in fulfilling that mission. Land stewards of all kinds are utilizing the products we’ve developed to increase productivity, reduce pollution, breathe new life into our soil resources and improve economic sustainability. Together we can improve the soils, improve agriculture and leave our nation in better shape for future generations.

    The generosity and support of our sponsors is much appreciated.

    Western SARE advances innovations that promote environmental stewardship, enhance quality of life, and improve profitability of rural communities by investing in groundbreaking agricultural research and education.

    We support projects by farmers and ranchers, agricultural professionals, researchers, and extension educators in 17 Western states and territories. Over the past 30 years, Western SARE has assisted more than 1,000 different sustainability projects with over $57 million in funding.

    We also have created an extensive learning center to ensure that research results are easily and rapidly accessible.

    You can learn more about our grant programs and learning center at