Topics to be Covered

a lecture

  • Regional Perspectives on Applying the Five Principles of Soil Health
  • The Cutting Edge of Microbiology – Connections Between Soil Health and Human Health
  • Fixing The Water Cycle: How Healthy Soils Retain/Infiltrate Water, and Reduce Runoff and Downstream Flooding – (Pre-disaster Mitigation)
  • Innovations in the Marketplace: Soil Carbon Plans, Markets and Ecosystem Service Markets
  • Scaling up Soil Health: Growing Healthy Soil on a Large Scale
  • Building Soil Carbon Through Regenerative Grazing
  • Building a Soil Health Movement through Partnerships
  • How Food Companies Can (And Should!) Invest In Soil Health
  • Innovations in Public Policy
  • Soil Health Innovations for the Market Farmer
  • Applying Remote Sensing and the Data Revolution to Improve Soil Health
  • Advances in Biology-Based Soil Testing: How Farmers Can Find Their Way Forward
  • Practical Management Practices to Improve Soil Health
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